Helping Kids Pack for College

Did you see “Toy Story 3” this summer?

I did… twice. I cried…twice. Oh yes I did.

When Andy was saying goodbye to his mom before leaving for college, I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Never mind that my daughter is just 6 years old and promised me that I could live with her in her college dorm room if I wanted.

Ah… sweet, innocent six.

Right now tens of thousands of college co-eds are returning to campus in anticipation of the new school year and of those students nearly a third will be living in university housing, which means closet space is nearly nonexistent.

This limited storage space calls for creative packing and even more strategic wardrobe planning. Whereas most college students would prefer to transport their entire wardrobes from home, it’s the parents’ role to suggest (and the kids’ role to roll their eyes at the suggestions) their offspring take just the must-have items, such as jeans, versatile outerwear, and:

Hoodies: The comfortable knitwear is a college staple. My mom actually bought me a hoodie with my college’s logo prior to move-in day. Hoodies are great for lounging, studying or wearing to a football game.

Boots: If your child’s college is located in a state that experiences serious winter weather, then a durable pair of boots is a necessity. However, unless you can afford to fork over big bucks, you might have to sacrifice style for function in this category, but it’s better than risking injury on your way to class.

Dress: I didn’t bring a single dress with me when I left for college. However, with a classic dress you get an entire outfit in one easy piece. A chic little black dress is essential. Of course, as long as the dress fits you well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be black to look trendy.

Blouse: Female college co-eds should pack at least one dressy top that can be layered under a fall/spring jacket or worn with a pair of jeans and heels to a party. Stick with satin, lace, bright colors and conservative prints. Avoid going see-through or getting tops that are cut too low or are uber-tight.

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