Helping School Items last the rest of the School Year

The school year is almost over so you may not be ready to purchase new school gear right now. How can you make those items last just a little longer?

If the pair of shoes your darling currently has on his or her feet is looking worse for wear, keep in mind that many types of shoes, especially of the gym shoe variety, can be washed in the washing machine. I don’t usually put them in the dryer, but they can be set out in the sun to dry. The weekend is a great time to do this to make sure the shoes have plenty of time to dry thoroughly.

Another option is to scrub white leather gym shoes with a scratch free cleanser. Scratch Free Comet with bleach works wonders. Mister Clean Magic Eraser is also a good choice, especially if you’re concerned that cleansers will harm the shoes. Sometimes, a good cleaning is all that is needed. Replacing shoelaces can also help make the shoes look better once their clean.

So, on to the backpack. Backpacks get a lot of wear and tear. Some, which feature a type of plastic appliqué on the front with a trademark character or other design, may begin to come apart where the image is attached. You may be able to sew the image back in place or use fabric safe glue to reapply it. With some styles, you may need to remove the image but the backpack may still be useable.

What about jeans that have begun to fray at the bottom? So many styles are extra long and tend to drag on the ground a bit, causing them to become worn. You can simply trim away some of the frayed edge and the resultant strings for a cleaner look. These can then be turned into play pants over the summer, or you can cut them off and hem them. Instant Capri pants or shorts. You can buy new jeans before school resumes in the fall instead of replacing them now.

The zipper on my daughter’s jacket no longer has a pull. However, there are several options to fix this little detail. A charm or a small key chain can be added to the existing piece so your child has something to grasp. A ribbon can be threaded through the remaining part of the zipper and you can string a few small beads onto it and tie off the bottom in a knot.

With a little creativity, you can make stuff survive the rest of the school year instead of buying new at this late date.

Check back for more on the end of the school year. Are you ready for summer vacation?