Helping Your Child Stay Strong in Values

In one of yesterday’s articles, I discussed the different types of personalities in a classroom. I described some of the actions from children who tend to be leaders and children who tend to followers.

Followers are more susceptible to peer pressure. Some children are very concerned about trying to fit in a group. They are afraid to go against the crowd even if they have to go against heir own believes and values. These traits begin very early in a child’s life.

Yesterday, I discussed how some children in my room would not make a lunch choice until they have looked to see what the other children are eating. This may not seem like a major deal to some parents. However if this fear of standing out continues and grows, the child may be more likely to give in to drugs and alcohol.

Because I feel that it is very important for a child to develop good self-confidence and values, I would like to offer some tips on how to make your child more independent in beliefs.

Ask for your child’s opinions. While we must remember that children are not capable of making all of their own choices, it is important for your child to understand that he or she can have his or her own opinion. Never criticize your child’s thoughts. When appropriate, let you’re your child have some freedom of choice.

Create some independence for your child by allowing him to complete all tasks that he is capable of completing. He should not gain the understanding that he is not capable of carrying out tasks for himself. Simple things like carrying his own backpack, folding or putting away his own clothes, and taking care of pet can help a child learn that he has control over actions and parts of his life.

Talk with your child about the importance of doing what he feels is right no matter what others are doing. Praise your child when you see him acting appropriately.

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