Helping your Kids through Involvement

When introducing your kids to a new single parent home, you need to expect some adjustments and time for healing. Some kids will become angry, some withdrawn, some will act out, and others will not change much at all. Regardless, a divorce or death of a spouse can be hard on the kids, usually much harder than it is on the parent. To help your children adjust better and quicker, I strongly encourage you to get involved.

Yes, being a single parent also means working outside the home, often working long hours or more than one job, and taking care of everything at home. However, it is still essential that you get involved with your child’s school. Even if you take a few hours to help on a fieldtrip, volunteer one afternoon a month as a room parent, bake cookies for a bake sale, and so on, your kids will have a much better time with their new life.

One of the most important things a single parent can do for the kids is show them support like never before. Even if your involvement is sitting down with your child to assist with homework or a special school project, the results are positive. What happens is that by getting and staying involved with your child’s school, you build a number of healthy relationships. In addition to the relationship with your child, you are also building a relationship with the teacher while helping your child have a good relationship with the teacher, as well.

Some of the other ways in which you can get involved with your child’s school include spending time in the library, going to parent/teacher conferences, attending school plays or musical programs, and talk to your child about the things learned in school, as well as friends made. Then, teach your child good communication and organizational skills. The bottom line is that you can make your child’s life in school much easier by showing him or her how to use a calendar, day planner, highlighters, labeled binders, etc.

By keeping communication open with your child and your child’s teacher, and taking the time to know what is going on within your child’s school, you will be amazed at how much easier the transition from a two-parent to a one-parent household can be. Remember, taking your lunch to visit the school once a week will bring a smile to your child’s face, making you the coolest mom around.

Just Do Something Together!

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