Heritage Photos: Creating Albums

Once you have your heritage pictures sorted, then you need to decide what types of albums you would like to create using your heritage items. Here are a few of my ideas for smaller theme albums that would be fun to create and give you more focus when putting the album together.

Christmas through the Years. You could pull all of the Christmas photos you have and build an album focusing on your family’s Christmas traditions. It would be fun to include a page at the end of the album celebrating the things that your family does now.

Focus on one ancestor. You can create a tribute album to one person in your family. You may have a lot of information from your grandpa’s life to create an album just for him.

Celebrate military service. Many of our ancestors served in the military. Creating one album celebrating all of the members of your family who have served in the military would be very powerful. If you have medals, awards and other items that will not easily fit into an album, you could take a picture of the item and include that in the album. You could also include a note next to the picture telling the viewer where that item is stored.

Baby Photos. Include all of the baby photos you have of ancestors into one album. Remember to include all of the birth information that you have about each person such as birth date, birthplace, number of siblings, occupation of parents at the time, and any other information you may have.

Wedding Album. Pull together all of the wedding photos of your ancestors. Each layout could include a wedding photo and then any information you have about them such as number of children they had, placed they lived, occupations, interests and hobbies, and marriage date and place.

Focus on one family. Create an album that follows the lives of the members of one family. You could focus on your great-grandparents from birth to their marriage and then add the children in the order they were born into the family.

For more information on using heritage photos and memorabilia, you can read my other blogs on organizing photos and preserving memorabilia.