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High-tech tools are making it harder and harder to miss photo opps. Today, you can find smartphones that are equipped with the same mechanics featured in upscale digital cameras. BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre and HTC Touch, are just a few handheld gadgets that allow people to keep in touch with family and friends and shoot incredible photos at the same time. However, these high-tech devices aren’t the only inventions created to aid shutterbugs. Free photo organization and editing tools are also part of the package, including:

Photo Session: Recently, Flickr unveiled a social image-sharing app called Photo Session. The app allows you to design a high-tech version of a traditional vacation slide show. Basically, you can use the program to guide a small group of your peeps through a collection of your favorite photos on Flickr in real-time while on different devices. Photo Session also includes a chat function and can be accessed on iPhones, iPads and desktops.

iPhoto: This Mac-only tool comes pre-installed on all Mac computers. iPhoto lets you organize and edit digital photos on your computer regardless of how tech-challenged you are. The software features a lot of cool photo editing tools and filters aimed to enhance photos. The current version stores photos by events, and also uses facial recognition technology to tag and group photos of specific people. What’s more, the latest version of iPhoto also allows you to sync photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you use your iPhone as your primary picture-taking device, then iPhoto is vital to keeping all your pictures organized. In addition, you can upload iPhoto images to existing photo accounts, so you can order prints or other photo gifts and products.

Picasa: The photo software, developed by Google, can be downloaded and installed for free on your PC or Mac. Picasa has a number of noteworthy features, including organizing, editing, and sharing your photos with others. Picasa also automatically imports your computer’s photos and organizes them in the same folder structure as your hard drive. This allows you to view slideshows, create collages, make movies, and tag your photos. Another convenient feature of Picasa is that you can order prints and other photo products directly through Picasa. Simply select your favorite photos and follow the prompts.

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