Highchair Buying Tips

Although babies will begin eating solid food at different ages, typically this occurs sometime around six months. You could place the baby on your lap during feeding but you will quickly find this does not work, meaning it’s time to invest in a good highchair. The most important thing is to choose a sturdy highchair but also one designed for your age and size baby.

•Wooden Highchairs – This type of highchair is traditional and while it offers timeless charm, it may not be the right choice. For instance, wood can stain, it is not usually comfortable unless heavy padding is used, and most do not fold. Therefore, if you want a wooden highchair, you should give this decision some serious thought.

•Metal Highchairs – Two of the top benefits for a metal highchair is affordability and the ability to fold. Metal highchairs are usually simple in style but a very practical choice.

•Plastic – Also referred to as a “full feature” highchair, this option is one of the most popular and innovative. For instance, you will discover that many of the plastic models on the market feature adjustable heights, reclining seats, great padding, removable trays, lightweight design, folding option, and more.

When buying a new highchair, you definitely want to consider several things other than design. Again, safety is the most important factor. Therefore, you need to look for stability. The best option is a highchair with a wide base and one that offers enough height to avoid tipping. In addition, be sure the highchair has some type of restraint system, which we recommend includes belts that would go around the baby’s waist and then in between the legs.

Take your hand and run it around the edges of the highchair to check for any sharp or protruding edges. We also recommend you go with a removable tray. When your baby first starts eating solid food, most of it will end up on the bib but as the baby discovers food is fun, it will likely end up everywhere. Being able to remove the tray so it can be washed and disinfected will save you a ton of time.

Then, a highchair that offers adjustable reclining positions is a great choice. With this, it can be used in one position for a small baby but then adjusted as the baby grows, which means you don’t have to run out and buy a new highchair to keep up. Finally, many highchairs on the market today are designed with wheels, making mobility easy.

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