Hold to the Course

Wow, although it was only four days, I feel like I took a couple of weeks away from blogging. I missed it! I really did. Sometimes life can become so hectic that stepping back and taking stock of our lives is necessary for survival. I did this and realized that my husband and I need a slight alteration in course. We discussed it. We prayed about it and made some decisions that will make us a little busier in the short run but certainly more stable in almost every aspect of our lives if we hold to the course. Has that ever happened to you?

I write for a living. I have a secret, writing really doesn’t pay a lot of money. Now, if I had a dollar for every person who has said to me, “Wow, you must be rich because you write books,” I’d be a wealthy woman. But I don’t, so I supplement that income with side jobs, like this marvelous one at www.families.com. I also have a bookstore on my website which brings in some money, which is helpful. But since taking up writing full-time, I haven’t contributed a lot to the income pool in our home. But as we have prayed, my husband and I, the answer has constantly been to hold the course set for us by the Lord. We have done this although it has not been easy.

We have prayed, prayed oh so earnestly, for guidance in many matters and slowly, as I look around us I see the manifestation of heavenly blessings in every corner of my life. My husband is alive and gaining in health every day. We have a lovely roof over our heads where we are kept safe and warm. We live in the most beautiful valley surrounded by majestic mountains, rivers and lakes created by a loving God. We are surrounded by the greatest, literally the greatest, of friends, family and co-workers. We are blessed to have the opportunity to share the gospel with great love and often. We live in a nation where we are free to worship according to the dictates of our conscience; where we can walk the streets and travel from state to state, even across the nation if we so desire, without interference of an evil government. We are free to pursue the dreams and careers of our choices, without dictate from those without conscience. We are free! Yes, we have financial troubles, who doesn’t when ill health and medical emergencies decimate a family’s income? But instead of concentrating on our financial woes, we look to one another every day and thank God that we are married.

The slight course change for us does not deviate from the one the Lord set for us. But it does enable us to accomplish His purposes in a much more efficient manner than we have been doing. And so, off we go into a future we cannot see, trusting the Lord will indeed guide our footsteps.