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Now that most of the Christmas commotion has died down and out-of-town guests have vacated your home, it may be a good time to collect your thoughts for your holiday scrapbook. After a whirlwind of cooking, cleaning, wrapping and caroling, it’s nice to reflect on the memorable moments of the holiday and look ahead to the New Year.

While some people find journaling to be an intimidating proposition, scrapbooks really benefit from unique perspectives. You will find that a layout can only be enhanced when you include your thoughts or commentary on certain events and photos. If you are struggling to come up with journaling material consider asking yourself a few questions to get your thoughts flowing.

For example, if you are considering adding journaling blocks to a New Year’s Eve layout, think of the traditions you follow as you bid farewell to the current year and usher in the new one. Do you host a party or go out to dinner with your extended family at a favorite restaurant? You might have young children and simply spend the last night of the year playing games together or cuddling on the couch watching a movie. These are all things you can add to your journaling block. In addition, if you are posting photos of late night activities, include information on whether or not you are a night owl or if you struggle to stay awake until midnight. If you had a hard time staying awake, jot down tricks that helped you remain coherent to take part in the festivities.

Before you start writing, give some thought to what New Year’s means to you. Then, gather the photos you want to feature on the page and reference them in your journaling block. Finally, look for embellishments that tie into your theme. Clocks, fireworks, hourglasses, champagne flutes and balloons are just some of the images you can add to your New Year’s Eve scrapbook layout.

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