Holiday Rewards Programs

Stores want shoppers back. Stores are starting new programs to lure shoppers to their doors. I love to shop but with a toddler, an infant, two cats (know anyone who wants two cats?), and a husband, I need to be careful with how I spend my money. I appreciate anything stores do to help me save while still getting the things I need to keep my home running.

Target is offering its REDCard customers 5% cash back on purchases. The next time I’m at Target I’m going to get a Target REDCard debit card so I can take advantage of the 5% every time I shop there. A beautiful new Super Target shares a shopping center with our new Gymboree location, so I will probably be there a lot. I already got a rewards card to use for shopping. It was for purchases in the Target pharmacy, which is odd since it’s been years since I used its pharmacy.

I have a Rewards R Us card, which is the Toys R Us and Babies R Us loyalty card. It’s a fun card to use even though the rewards haven’t helped me much. Now through December 24, however, TRU is offering a 10% cash back or rewards dollars program.

Kroger has a store-branded debit card that will earn points toward groceries starting in November. When the card is used at Kroger, or any brand store, the points are doubled. The points are tripled, if you buy Kroger label items. It might be worth it to me to start shopping at Kroger.

Chase Freedom card is giving its customers 5% back on purchases up to $1500 through December. That’s a nice Christmas gift, if you don’t carry a balance.

My fingers are crossed that Walmart will follow Target’s lead with the rewards card.