Holiday Scrapbooking Gift Ideas

If you are trying to come up with the perfect gift for someone on your list, why not take a look in your scrapbook area or room and see what you can create that would make the perfect gift. There are dozens of items you can make that would bring a smile to anyones face. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the creative thinking process.

Scrapbook Page

Using your papers and supplies create a beautiful page just like you would ordinarily for your albums. Instead of slipping it into a page protector, instead purchase a frame and slip it inside. Scrapbook pages make beautiful wall art and a sensible, enjoyable gift to receive.

Altered Item

This category is nice and broad. Almost anything can be altered and given as a gift. Favorites include clipboards, books, paint cans, boxes, candy boxes or tins, cigar boxes and the list could keep going. Think about what junk you might have lying around and create beautiful items using your scrapbook supplies. A soup can can be altered to become a beautiful pencil or pen holder. Glue several together and turn them on their side in a pyramid shape. They will hold scrapbooking markers. More ideas to come on creative altered items this month.

Mini Albums

These are still very popular items. They are quick and easy to make. They can be constructed out of almost anything. Last year I used a deck of cards that I altered and turned into a mini scrapbook. You can also use index cards attached by rings, paper bags and many other small items. Get creative and see if you can find something to place the album inside. A small candy tin is perfect for a mini-album and is easy to slip in a purse and keep on hand to show off to friends and family.

What items are you thinking about creating as gifts?

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