Holiday Weight Gain Not As Much As Thought..

Some Good News This Holiday Season!

Let’s face it, I really outdid myself this Christmas and basically feel like I ate enough for a small Army. Reality set in this morning as I stepped on that scale. Yes, it has been staring me down in the bathroom everyday since Thanksgiving, but I have not given it the satisfaction of getting on it.

So today I got up the courage and hopped on. It IS almost New Year’s Eve, and thankfully, I’ve only gained 2.2 pounds. YEAHHOOO. 2.2 pounds isn’t THAT bad, I seriously feel like I’ve put on about 10, but compared to what I’ve eaten over the last few weeks, (check out the fudge blog), I feel pretty decent about the unfortunate increase on the scale.

So many of us are feeling down and out, depressed and unhappy after the holidays. Most are reliving the fact that their pants are too tight again and that we should NOT have eaten that second helping, or had that 3rd piece o’ mince meat pie……but wait, before you get too depressed (and start eating more, like I do..)Here’s some good news (and real scientific proof!) about Holiday weight gain….

Before the New Year’s Resolutions start unfolding, listen to this. I bet you haven’t done as much damage to your diet plan as you thought you did this holiday season. Time and time again it has been reported that the average American gains at least five to 10 pounds (on average) between Turkey Day and New Year’s. Pretty alarming statistics, right?

But thankfully, the New England Journal of Medicine recently released a study that concluded the average gain to be far less than originally thought (and often reported!) The Journal states that “The average holiday weight gain is less than commonly asserted. Since this gain is not reversed during the spring or summer months, the net 0.48-kg weight gain in the fall and winter probably contributes to the increase in body weight that frequently occurs during adulthood.”

Well..thank heaven for that? Guess I better get back to my points.