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You can’t go anywhere these days without getting a huge helping of Christmas cheer. I think that’s what it is. Okay, maybe it’s more commercial coaxing. Regardless, if you don’t know Christmas is coming then you must be living under a rock, because even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, every retailer on earth is making it known that December 25th is well on its way.

Count my local scrapbook store in as one of the mom and pop businesses that really relies on the holidays to turn a healthy profit. The store looks like the inside of Santa’s workshop. Everything and anything you could possibly scrap with a Christmas theme is prominently displayed in the not-so spacious corner store.

The last time I was in there I jotted down some of the ideas the owner used to make unique holiday theme scrapbooks. My favorites include:

*The ABCs of Christmas

*The 12 Days of Christmas

*Top 25 Things I Love About Christmas

*Christmas Recipe Scrapbook

*Family Christmas Tradition Scrapbook

*Christmas Music Scrapbook

*Santa Scrapbook

*Holiday Memories Scrapbook

*Holiday Greeting Card Scrapbook

Not all of the aforementioned scrapbooks the owner put together are 12×12 albums. Some, like the Santa scrapbook, is a smaller 8×8 album filled with shots of her kids posing with Santa at the mall, at family parties and at church events.

Making a smaller scrapbook is cheaper than designing a full-size album. In addition, you can save even more if you buy solid-colored coordinating paper in bulk. After all, a generic stack of green and red paper is going to cost a lot less than purchasing individual patterned pieces of paper. What’s more, if you have leftover paper from buying in bulk you can always use it for another book or make cards or other holiday decorations from it.

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