Home and Garden Review: October 2 – 8

I don’t want to fill the post with nothing but links, but here are this week’s articles at a glance. We’ve got it all, from entertaining to organizing and little known facts.

If you missed any of these articles, or you’d like to find them easily for reference, just visit the Home Blog Archive and click on any title.

Oct 2

The Lawn You Never Have To Mow
Decorating for Halloween or Harvest Day
Flowers in the Home? An Old Thought

Oct 3

Decorating Tips From Our Parade Of Homes Tour
“Fluffing” Your Home
Fall Decorating and Home Improvement
Flowers: Nature’s Finest Jewelry

Oct 4

Give Your Furniture A Lift
Remodeling Rules
Home Decorating Tips: Walls
Easy Floral Arrangements For The Home

Oct 5

Tips For Strategic Storing
Seasonal Decorating-Getting Your Home Ready For Fall-Part 2
Seasonal Decorating-Getting Your Home Ready For Fall-Part 1
Fall Decorating: Outdoor Décor
Expected and Unexpected Flower Containers
Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Oct 6

Preparing Your Yard For Fall-Part 1: Leaves, Leaves… EVERYWHERE!
Some Tricks of the Floral Arrangement Trade
Custom Touches Add Personality to Your Décor

Oct 7

Organizing “Problem Areas”
Preparing Your Yard For Fall-Part 2: Pruning and Planting
Lush Tropical Plants For Your Garden

Oct 8

Tables, Guests and Flowers

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