Home and Garden Tips that Work

I love handy tips, so I’ve got a few more to share. These work great:

Fresher Fridge

Did you try using rubberized shelf liner in your fridge? There are some other things you can do to keep your fridge organized and cleaner as well. Try adding a storage tray or shallow container to one shelf and using it as the space where you store leftovers. That way, they won’t get shoved to the back and end up turning into something scary. You’ll not only be more likely to remember to use stuff up, but you’ll also be able to pull the whole tray out after a couple of days and toss any items that didn’t get used, avoiding the scary situation. You can place your box of baking soda on the same shelf to help avoid (or contain) spills.

Cleaner Oven

If you liked the shelf liner idea, try a similar trick in your oven. Lay heavy-duty aluminum foil in the bottom of your oven or check out the numerous aluminum pans and trays available at your favorite store (*best to remove when cooking at very high temperatures). A shallow pan such as a sheet cake pan or a cookie sheet works great, but there are also products just for this purpose. When popping a pizza straight onto the shelf, place foil or a foil pan on the shelf directly below it. That way, all the melted cheese will fall onto it instead of getting stuck to the lower shelf.

Yard Work as Exercise

Doing strenuous yard work can be as effective as taking a walk. You will not only burn lots of calories and stretch your muscles, but you’ll also accomplish something in your yard so you have something immediate and tangible to show for the time spent. It’s a great pick me up. Getting out in the sunshine and fresh air is also great for lifting your mood and helping you stay more upbeat.

More Handy Tips