Home Computers

I’m getting a new computer. I’m so excited! It’s not just any old pull it out of the box and go computer either. My husband is building me a custom system.

Sure, I’ll miss the one I’m currently working on, which he recently updated, but I’ll do fine with the new one, which will contain some of the parts from this one. I don’t need a big, fancy video card like my darling gamer does, although the one I’m getting is pretty darn good. It beats the heck out of stock graphics, it can handle my Paint Shop Pro, and I can play Bejeweled. Works for me.

I’m impressed that my husband was able to teach himself so much about computers. He’s built several custom systems from scratch, including all of ours except for our very first. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a handsome, handy, computer geek at home, and you decide to buy a prepackaged system, just take care not to get fooled by bells and whistles. Those packages are cheap and even though they look nice, they often contain components that are already obsolete.

If I had no other choice but to buy a boxed system, the only one I would even consider is a Dell. We’re still kicking ourselves over that first system we bought out of the box, which shall remain nameless. It isn’t even good for parts! It looked good, sounded like a good deal, and came with some free software, but it was definitely overpriced for the quality, despite appearing to be a good value.

A quality computer is worth the investment. If you have the opportunity to have a system custom built for your needs, go for it. It will cost more than the usual offerings, but you’ll find that it is absolutely worth it.

My husband just informed me that he’s done putting my system together and now has to install my stuff. I’ll soon be writing from my new system. Now all I have to do is order that thumb drive.