Home Decorating: Where Do I Start?

This is a great time of year to start new home decorating projects, but where should you start? Sometimes, figuring that out is the most difficult task. Maybe you don’t have anything specific in mind, but you know you want a change of scenery. Whether you just want to do a little updating or you hope to completely makeover one room or you entire home, the tips will help you get started:

What’s My Motivation?

First, figure out why you want to change a certain space. Is it out of style, looking worse for wear, has it outgrown its usefulness in its current state and you plan to use the space differently? Has your child outgrown the current design plan? Determining why you want to make changes will help you determine how you should make those changes.

Do I Have the Dedication?

Do you start projects but soon lose interest? It’s a good idea to make sure you’re really ready to take on a redecorating project, and that you have the funds available to and follow through until it’s finished, before you begin buying new items. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a hodgepodge look and you’ll end up wasting money. You’ll soon feel disappointed with the incomplete results, which may give you the urge to redecorate yet again. It helps to get a plan on paper and decide how many and which items you intend to purchase. This will help you lay out a budget and a design plan. You’ll know which step comes next instead of being overwhelmed and blowing off the project.

Where Can I get some Inspiration?

We know that inspiration, even one inspiration piece, can often be the beginning of a great room makeover. But, where do you find inspiration? You can look through decorating websites and decorating magazines and books to get some ideas and examine styles and colors, but the best way to get inspired is to go shopping. Even if you don’t buy anything, touch different elements, compare them to each other, lay fabrics side by side to see how they coordinate and contrast. Pick up some paint chips and bring them home to see how the colors look in your home’s lighting (you may need to change light bulbs depending on the undertones of the colors you choose).