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Teach with Picture Books is a blog written by a professional educator and lover of books. In fact, this is the first male blogger I have had the pleasure of featuring thus far. His name is Keith Schoch and writes his heart out on reading and books on Teach with Picture Books. Keith gives insight into books and teaching that will inspire you and benefit you in your journey of education with your children.

The posts on Teach with Picture Book are warm, inviting, informative, and often humorous. I enjoy the topics he explores the variety of book and reading topics he engages in on his blog. If you are seeking to develop a reading list for your children or learn new ways to teach or inspire a love of literature then stop by Teach with Picture Books and plan to stay for awhile. He touches on such topics as homeschool, teaching reading, social skills, picture books, preschool, teacher resources, author studies and so many more. He tackles these subjects with knowledge and confidence that will instill confidence in your ability. He provides valuable resources and an educated opinion worth listening to.

So what can you teach with a picture book? Keith will show you how to teach grammar, literary devices, literary techniques, literary motifs and more that you may never thought could come out of a picture book. While picture books are largely for young children I have used these unforgettable and lovable examples to teach my older children complex ideas on a simplistic level. I have also seen my little ones have the ability to point out complex ideas through their picture books. I have a love for children’s literature so I am instantly drawn to blogs which show the joy of picture books. If you look close enough and with Keith’s help you will find plenty of lessons to share with your child out of their favorite picture book.

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