Home School Blogger Spotlight: The Book Chook

The Book Chook

Based in Australia and authored by Susan Stephenson, The Book Chook, is a delightful blog dedicated to children’s literacy. Susan is a Kindergarten teacher who describes herself as a reading mother hen to her little chicks in the classroom. Hence, the name The Book Chook, as “chook” is what many in Australia call a hen. I love the name of this blog. I find it memorable and quite adorable.

The Book Chook is a blog that is easy on the eyes and invites you to sit down and enjoy a book or two. You are introduced to quality children’s literature. You may even be reminded of old friends from your days of listening to bedtime stories or circle time in Kindergarten. Rest assured, when you come to The Book Chook you will not have to wade through pages of subpar books to find treasures in literature. Susan only reviews and highlights top quality books. This is a great resource to consider before heading off to the library, planning your curriculum or even before buying a birthday gift for little loved one. I admire her devotion to strict standards of featuring quality books that spark imagination and creativity instead of spoon feeding or have little to say to the child. Here book reviews are always fair and never waste your time with low quality items or what she may describe as junk. She is honest and only concerned with the thoughts and needs of her readers.

Not only does Susan Stephenson introduce us to the best books in children’s literature she is an author! She authored Monster Maddie. A book about a little girl who is so desperate for attention at her new school she acts out and becomes a monster. She soon realizes this is not the proper way to garner attention or friendships and learns to road back to true relationships.

In addition to all of this, she writes wonderful posts about how to engage children in literacy and writing. Her creativity and imagination are equal to the lovely books she presents on her blog. She is a true resource for today’s children’s literature for teachers, homeschoolers and parents.

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