Home School Legal Defense Association

While homeschooling’s roots go way back, in modern day there are many that are strongly opposed to it. Fifteen years ago two homeschooling fathers, who are attorneys, recognized this fact and saw the opposition that many faced in trying to homeschool their children.

Michael Farris and Michael Smith started Homeschool Legal Defense Association in March of 1983. Their mission was simple, “to preserve and advance the fundamental, God-given, constitutional right of parents and others legally responsible for their children to direct their education.”

Since 1983 their focus has stayed the same. There is unity in numbers. With a large number of homeschooling families joined together, the HSLDA can provide a low-cost solution to obtaining legal defense to families whose freedom to homeschool has been threatened.

Once joining the HSLDA there are no further costs for defending homeschool families in court. HSLDA “pays for attorney fees, expert witness costs, travel expenses, and all other court costs permissible by state law for HSLDA to pay.”

The HSLDA also defends families’ rights to homeschool in state legislatures, advocates on Capitol Hill, and in the media.

HSLDA has a terrific website that keeps homeschool families current on legal issues around the country, legislation that is being introduced and passed, as well as issues that face homeschooling families around the world.

The HSLDA has a list of legal requirements for every state so that you know exactly what you need to do to legally homeschool your children. Along with this is a list of state laws, organizations, cases, legislation, headlines, and member resources regarding each individual state.

Also offered on the HSLDA website is valuable information regarding homeschooling your teenager. There is student information such as driver’s education, diplomas, national honor societies, and transcripts for high schoolers. There is also information for the college years as well including scholarships and financial information, dual enrollment, and more.

If your teenager is interested in a military career there is information regarding academic preparation and recruitment.

Vocational information is also available including apprenticeships, testing for aptitudes/interests, and trade schools.

The cost of standard membership is around $115.00 per year; however, discounts and payment plans are available.

To find out more about this terrific service and to learn your state’s requirements for homeschooling, visit Home School Legal Defense’s website at www.hslda.org.