Home Study Denied!

For a person or couple who’ve been told they are unable to adopt through a particular agency, it can be devastating. Sometimes the fate of whether a couple will have children lies in the opinion of their assigned adoption worker. Just because a person is denied by an agency doesn’t always mean they will be denied for adoption altogether. For example: If you are hoping to adopt through your state’s foster system and your home study is denied because the adoption worker does not feel you will be best suited for one of their children, this does not mean that a certain birth mother wont find you to be a suitable parent for her child through private adoption.

Sometimes an agency might see something of concern in a family’s home study, but rather than disqualify them, may suggest the family take steps to address the issues. A common reason for being put on hold can result from an adoption worker or their supervisor not feeling a perspective adoptive parent has dealt with issues from past or present circumstances. Especially in regard to state adoptions, it can look favorable for those who have endured a certain hardship in their past and overcome it in a healthy manner. This can show, not only that they are more likely to empathize with a child who’s lived through a similar situation, but because they’ve taken proper steps to recovery, will hopefully help the child do the same. How is a person who hasn’t properly addressed their past or current issues (by the agency’s opinion) supposed to be of help to their new family member? If an adoptive parent has endured sexual abuse in their past, for example, and has not dealt with it appropriately, how are they going to be of help to their child if they learn the child had been abused in such a way as well? Will it cause the parent to relive their own pain preventing them from properly advocating for the child? Sadly, this is sometimes the case.

Some some additional reasons for home studies being put on hold or not approved are:

  • Criminal background check shows potential risk to a child
  • Agency does not feel like the family will be a proper fit for any of their children
  • The agency feels a perspective adoptive parent’s health is not sufficient to care for the needs of a child
  • Excessive financial instability (no steady income, can barely afford to feed themselves…)
  • References raise major concerns that may or may not have been revealed prior in the home study
  • Housing is not suitable for a child
  • Prospective adoptive parent is older in age and agency has concerns the child may end up taking care of the parent rather than the other way around
  • Another child currently in the household has major issues that need addressing
  • Agency feels perspective adoptive parents are hoping to adopt for the wrong reasons

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