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The interior of your home may look like it just got ripped to shreds by a tornado, but it doesn’t have to smell like the aftermath of Mother Nature’s fury. Right now, Pier 1 Imports is practically giving away the most beautiful potpourri sachets filled with incredible scents ranging from Citrus Cilantro (my personal favorite) and Crisp Bamboo (another fave) to Asian Spice and Pomegranate.

I know because I was just there yesterday stocking up on stocking stuffers.

One dollar per sachet. Score!

While I’m not encouraging you to live like a sloth and mask the stench that may be enveloping your home, I am not above providing tips on how to make closets, drawers and bathrooms smell a bit fresher. What’s more, now that Old Man Winter is knocking and I don’t get to open the windows as much as I would like to, a little potpourri can go a long way.

The other reason I am promoting potpourri is that I am not very fond of those new automatic air fresheners. Whereas my neighbor swears by her Airwick iMotion Freshmatic Compact Automatic Spray, I just haven’t learned to embrace the high-tech wonder. Don’t get me wrong; frankly, I am stunned that homes can now be equipped with air fresheners with motion detectors. I just wonder why you would need such a fancy gadget in your house freshening the air every 9, 18 or 36 minutes.

Still, the product gets rave reviews from my neighbor, and according to the company’s website, there’s a loyal customer base for the little sprayer that could. The inner mechanics of the Airwick include a watchful motion sensor that detects movement and determines if there’s too much or too little freshness going on in the area where it is situated. I suppose that’s a good thing, especially if you are a frugal freshener and you skimp on spraying, so you don’t have to spend so much on refills.

Call me old fashioned, but I think I will stick with my potpourri for now.

Do you own an Airwick iMotion? How would you rate it?

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