Homecoming Ideas

Is your school going to be celebrating homecoming soon? Our kids’ kicked off this week. Between the big football game, one daughter who is a cheerleader, another who is a homecoming maiden, dresses, spirit week outfits, the big dance, and everything else, I don’t know if I am going to have much time to make crafts! Still, there are some cute ideas we can all use, even if we don’t have a lot of extra time.

Spirit Signs for Lockers

Grab some construction paper and some gold (or any color) foil wrapping paper and make spirited signs for your locker, your friends’ lockers, or for the whole football team! Cut football shapes from brown paper, stick them on a sheet that is one of your school colors, and use the foil for a background to frame it. Write the message of your choice, and start sticking them up on lockers all over school.

School Spirit Ribbons

You will need wide ribbon in your school colors, pre-cut labels on sheets that fit your printer, glue, and some safety pins for this project. Cut the ribbon about 7” long. Cut one end in an upside down “V” shape. Fold the other end over and glue to the backside to hide the rough edge. Print messages onto the labels and add them to the ribbons. Attach a safety pin to the fold on the top edge, on the back. Pass ribbons out to all your friends!

Don’t forget to check out Michael’s for lots of great homecoming and school spirit projects. They have lots of cool stuff from mums to stuffed animals and jewelry. Michael’s Crafts.

What kinds of things do you remember doing for Homecoming when you were in school? Did you make tissue paper carnations? Have you shared any of these ideas with your kids? Styles may come and go, but school spirit never goes out of style!