Home Decor Tips: Creating a Mural

You have seen gorgeous murals on walls and ceilings, but you probably assumed that something like costs a lot of money. You were right. Having a mural professionally painted can be expensive. The result however, is generally more than worth the cost.

There are also murals available that come pre-made that you can adhere to the wall. On the other hand, you can make your own murals, even if you aren’t particularly artistic. It’s easier than you might think, and it’s fun to do.

Choose a picture, theme, or scene that you love and go for it. The beauty of painting a mural is that if you don’t love the finished product, or if you quickly become tired of it, you can easily paint right over it.

If you do have some artistic flair, lightly sketch the design onto the wall with chalk. Fill the outline in with paint. Once the scene is dry, wipe away any excess chalk with a damp sponge or soft cloth.

If you aren’t exactly comfortable with your drawing skills, use a projector. Move the projector forward or backward until you arrive at the appropriate size image and you can maintain that size in good focus.

Next, trace the image with chalk onto the wall. Trace from the outside edge of each line. Using chalks in similar tones to the colors you plan to paint is a good idea, so that if any chalk is painted over or otherwise cannot be removed, it won’t stand out too much.

Use painters tape if needed to create smooth lines. Just be sure to pull the tape away as soon as the paint begins to get tacky. If removing the tape removes other chalk lines, turn the projector back on and fix them.

Fill in the outline with paint, being careful to stay just inside the chalk line. Not only will this help keep your outline even, it will also help avoid mixing paint with the chalk, which can cause clumps. Once the paint is dry, wipe away as much chalk as possible then touch up any areas that need it.

If you are still unsure of your skills, paint a mural on a large canvas instead of directly on the wall. Either way, you should consider adding a clear coat over your mural to protect it. Now stand back and admire your work.