Homemade Advent Calendars

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What is an advent calendar?

( Brit ) a large card with a brightly coloured sometimes tinselled design on it that contains small numbered doors for children to open on each of the days of Advent, revealing pictures beneath them. –dictionary.com

Advent calendars have come a long way since that definition. I remember when my mom used to buy me and my brother advent calendars. I was always so excited to open the numbered door on the picture to reveal another picture underneath. I was so excited I would often take sneak peeks of the pictures to come.

Now, advent calendars come in many shapes and sizes and often open doors to reveal a prize or piece of candy rather than just a picture.

Homemade Advent Calendars

Baby Socks Advent Calendar: Gather up old baby or toddler socks in reds, greens, white, and holiday designs. String them up on yarn like garland. You will need 24 or 25 of them. I have seen advent calendars stop on the 24th and some stop on the 25th. You can store a prize or piece of candy in each sock.

Paper Chain Advent: Cut out strips of red, green, and white, construction paper. On each strip write a bible verse and continue to make the paper chain. Each day tear off a link and read the verse. While discussing the verse sip hot cocoa and eat a candy cane. You can also use this for a scavenger hunt and place a clue on each link and have children use that clue to find a hidden prize.

Muslin Bags: Tie up small Muslin bags with pretty ribbon and hang from your mantel or from your tree. You may want to consider purchasing a small tree (like a table top tree) just for this project. Fill each with a prize or candy.