Homeowner’s Insurance Dilemma

If you’ve ever filed an insurance claim, you may have discovered that the process can tempt the patience of a saint sometimes. It can be that much more frustrating for us mere mortals.

Someone I know recently had a tree fall onto his house. It was during very cold, wet weather (although I can’t imagine a good time for such a thing to occur). Of course, he called the insurance company right away, but unfortunately, the company wasn’t in nearly the hurry he was to fix his home.

The adjuster also tried to cut as many corners as possible. The homeowner told me, “You’d think the money was coming out of his own pocket, the way he’s acting.”

Not only did the adjuster refuse to replace all the drywall in the affected area, determining that only this or that sheet needed to be replaced, but he also tried to avoid paying to have the room repainted. He said that most people keep extra paint after painting a room so it could just be touched up with leftover paint.

I found this to be utterly ridiculous. The person whose home was damaged offered to do the painting if the company would pay for materials such as primer and paint. The adjuster finally haggled down to no primer and one coat of paint.

Is ridiculous a strong enough word?

The drywall issue was really the more important concern in my opinion, since once wet there is a good chance of developing mold. Perhaps the adjuster prefers to pay for mold eradication rather than a lousy sheet of drywall.

Well, the homeowner finally had enough. He refused to accept the measly amount offered, and continued to push for an acceptable settlement. I imagine that many people give up out of frustration, even though they have faithfully paid the required premiums. I encourage people not to give up too easily. You purchased a service, and you should be able to utilize it when needed.