Homeroom Student Assignments

In most cases, the classroom roaster is not created by chance or by luck. Teachers and school administrators usually take much consideration into which children are placed into a classroom. Each school or county has a different procedure for assigning students to teachers. There are many different ways that a class can be created.

Class Assignment by Test Scores
Some school principals look at test scores when assigning students to a classroom teacher. They do their best to create equal amounts of high, medium, and low students in each class. A balanced class is not overpopulated with one level of learner.

Class Assignment by Last Year’s Teacher Input
Some school principals ask the teachers to create a list of their previous students and label each as a high, medium, or low learner. They also ask the teachers to give input on which students should be separated and which students are behavior problems. The principal then uses these lists to create new classes. They try to separate children who were previously not cooperative with one another. They also try to separate behavior problems.

Class Assignment by Request
Some school principals allow parents to request a teacher. They honor the parents’ requests and then usually use one of the methods listed above to place the remaining children.

Class Assignment by Drawing from a Hat
Yes, I have heard of this one too! Teachers place all of the students’ names into a hat (bowl or whatever!). They then take turns drawing out student names. Sometimes this is done after creating separate groups of high, medium, and low students.

Class Assignment by Leveling
In the methods listed above, teachers desire balanced classrooms by having a mixture of all level learners. In some cases, students with the same level are placed together. This can happen due to scheduling or special subject areas. Some classes are created especially for subjects such as math. A lower level may be created for basic math while a higher level class is created for Algebra.

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