Homeschool Cash: Can homeschooling be profitable?

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I recently stumbled across an advertisement that promises to show you how to make money by homeschooling. I wish I could give you the exact information, but I wasn’t about to buy the ebook to find out about something that seemed too good to be true. I did, however, manage to glean a bit of information from the advertisement.

According to the claims in the article, by purchasing the Homeschool Cash program, you can make money by writing about information that you and your children research in the course of homeschooling. I am sure the program goes into deeper detail teaching how to set up a website, place ads, and so forth, but you get the general idea. This certainly sounds like a great idea and a legitimate way to teach a homeschooler while making money. Why not kill two birds with one stone, right?

Actually, as this example shows, homeschooling can be profitable. There are many homeschooling moms who blog about their experiences, and therefore make a decent part time income from it… myself included. Of course some make more money than others. Also homeschooling parents with a few years of experience under their belts can begin to coach and mentor other homeschooling parents for a fee. Another way to make money while homeschooling is to develop and sell a homeschool curriculum, or to become a dealer of an existing curriculum.

Some families even make running a business that focus of their kids homeschool carreer. They act as a family first, business owners second, and teachers /learners third. Each child has a duty in running the business, and these duties may change as the child grows and learns. As they make homeschooling truly a part of life, it is hard to exclude business from that scenario. Finally, homeschool students can profit a great deal from homeschooling. Many homeschool students actually start businesses on their own in the process of homeschoooling, and are quite successful.

While it is very possible to make money while homeschooling, or even by homeschooling, doesn’t mean that should necessarily be your focus or a reason to jump into homeschooling. Homeschooling is first and foremost about educating our children. Now if something monetary should evolve out of that activity, then it is just gravy on the cake.

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