Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (Blumenfelds- Building Spelling Skills)

Bob Books

Blumenfelds Alpha Phonics is a program that is available in book form or CD-rom. It is a ‘systematic intensive phonics reading program is SIMPLE and very easy to teach and very easy for the student to follow/learn”.

“Bob Books was developed as a step-by-step, book-by-book program to guide your child gently through the early stages of reading.” This is a phonics based reading program.

Bob Jones University provides everything from books to full curriculums for homeschoolers, Christian schools, churches, and individuals. In additions, the BS HomeSat and BJ LINC are distance-learning programs through Bob Jones University.

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers provides textbooks and CD’s Books, and Cassettes for highschool and college student. The “have a complete set of school texts, grammars, ancillaries, and enrichment materials, both for Latin and Greek instruction, from basal to advanced levels.”

Boston Test Prep Online SAT Program with 24/7 access from, home, school, or otherwise. “Online format allows you to interact and compare your progress to others who are preparing with Boston Test Prep Online SAT Program and create custom practice exams to target challenging areas.”

Bright Beginnings is a preschool curriculum that allows young learners to “explore experiment and make discoveries for them in order to make sense of their world.”

Brighter Vision Learning Adventures is a program designed to develop a love for learning in preschoolers. “Each month a shipment of fun-filled educational materials is delivered conveniently to the home. Each shipment contains a variety of activities designed to teach children essential early school skills and to develop the self-confidence that leads to a love of learning and a successful school experience.”

Bubbles Rainbows and Worms is a science experiment book for preschool children. It helps a child discover why things happen in opposed to just being told that they happen.

Building Spelling Skills is a series of workbooks for grades 1-6. It will help students to learn the meaning of the words, analyze the words and learn to identify misspelled words. This is important because standardized tests require the child to identify misspelled words.

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