Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (Early Bird -Exloring America)

Early Bird science

Early Bird Start up Science consists of four books with a total of 29 exercises. The books are filled with science facts and activities that young people will enjoy. These books are geared toward 7-8 year olds.

“Easy Grammar texts use the prepositional approach combined with effective strategies. This helps students to understand grammar, a tool for speaking and writing properly.” These books are reproducible and come with a money back guarantee. These books are designed for a teacher to use in instructing students. Easy Grammar is supplemented with daily grams, a 5-10 minute daily review workbook.

Easy Spanish
is a simple approach to learning Spanish. It is written in weekly lessons broken down into vocabulary, matching, bible memory, a short song, and a quiz game. (Not to be confused with El Espanol Facil, also called The Easy Spanish.)

Easy Writing teaches the mechanics of sentences. It gives instructions on using commas, semi colons, etc. It does not teach how to write essays and papers.

Editor-In-Chief by The Critical Thinking Company is said to improve “your student’s grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and attention to detail using a standards-based thinking approach rather than drill and practice.”

Educating the Whole Hearted Child is not necessarily a homeschool curriculum. Instead, it is a book that introduces a way of thinking and gives the parent tools to guide and instruct their children.

Education Plus is based on the acronym PLUS in the name. “Patterning Learning Upon Scripture,” the Education PLUS+ curriculum is designed for the entire family to work together in an interdisciplinary way around the core of Scripture. Educators Progress Service.” This curriculum is excellent for middle and high school students” and is meant to be taught by the parents.

Edu-Track Record Keeping Software allows the parent to easily keep all sorts of homeschool records as well as plan lessons in advance.

English for Thoughtful Child by Greenleaf press is a second grade text, but also used for older, students. “Originally published in 1903, this book uses wonderful pictures to stimulate the child’s imagination and lead him or her into writing. There are memorization assignments, oral compositions, written compositions and practice exercises.”

English from the Roots Up by from Timberdoodle teaches 100 Greek and Latin words and their derivatives. These books will give your child an excellent base vocabulary.

Enki Education promotes holistic education and is made for use in the classroom or at home. It is an arts integrated education with training and support. It is promoted as an alternative education using developmental Immersion Mastery.

Evan-Moor History Pockets helps children make interactive projects. The History pockets curriculum make it easy to assess and display what children have learned.

Explode the Code is a sequential, systematic phonics approach for grades k-4. This educational resource includes a placement test, information on rule breaker words (which is the hardest thing for many parents to explain), and basic phonics instruction. It goes beyond phonics to also build a child’s comprehension.

Exploring America is a high school unit study with a literature approach. It includes bible, history, and literature and allows the student to study independently.

Exploring World History was written for teachers to help students teach history in an updated global and diverse way.

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