Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (Peterson-Prairie)

Peterson Directed Handwriting is a method for teaching fluent print and cursive handwriting skills. The CD Rom Based materials provided by Peterson Directed Handwriting are based on rhythm.

Phonics Pathways, which is published by Dorbooks, is based on the premise that reading should be taught one-step at a time. Using games and systematic phonics instructions, this instruction program, written for the teacher promises to help you develop and strengthen character while learning to effectively read and spell.

Piano for Life is a video series created to help you create a good foundation for a future as a pianist. Piano for life says, “While the thirty-one piano lessons in this collection will make a dramatic impact on intermediate and even advanced pianists, the absolute beginner will also discover that this incisive “right brain” explanation of piano playing is far and away the best way to get started.”

Play ‘n Talk is a program used my Montessori to teach phonics. It is highly recommended for auditory learners with the use audio CD, books and games integrated into daily lessons.

Portland Italic Handwriting teaches traditional cursive handwriting. It uses pre-cursive handwriting to make the transition to cursive easier.

Power Glide provides “Complete Foreign Language Solutions”. The programs are geared to teach language fluency to students rather than rote memorization of grammar and vocabulary. Languages include Latin, Spanish, French, and more. There are levels available for all ages.

(The) Prairie Primer is a “The Prairie Primer is a literature based unit study for grades 3-6 that uses the “Little House” series.” Using the Prairie Primer and the “Little House” books your student will learn 1800’s American History through immersion in Pioneer crafts, cooking, music, science and nature studies, writing, and more.

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