Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (Reading- Remembering)

Reading for All Learners (also known as I See Sam at is used in tough classroom environments all over the world. This program promises to “make a difference in the reading abilities and confidence of your learners. Independent research has demonstrated our reading materials can help you improve phonemic awareness, comprehension, and fluency.”

Reading Made Fun is a literacy program said to promote developing confidence in reading books that offer rich language and strong vocabulary. Reading made fun puts the reading in the starring role of the story by printing the child’s name and other information in the story. “You can also find Summer Reading Made Fun” as well.

Reading Mansion is a CD ROM based learning game that teaches “phonics, word skills, sentence mastery and following directions.” Difficulty level increases as the child become proficient. The student travels through 50 mansions while learning reading and grammar skills.

Reading Reflex is a reading primer that helps the parents teach their children to read using phonics. This text instructs parents that “learning the names of the letters in the alphabet interferes with learning to read because the sounds represented by the letters are what are actually voiced when reading. They use the term “sound picture” to describe the name of the alphabet letter.”

Real Science 4 kids are a series of science books that can be ordered individually or as a complete curriculum. Texts include Biology level 1, Chemistry Level 1, and Physic level 1. You can also purchase Chemistry pre-level 1 and Chemistry level 2. These books are recommended for grades 1-6 and can be taught be people without a science background.

Remembering God’s Awesome Acts, by Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials is a unity study text that focuses on the Bible and Ancient History while also offering a drawing course, creative writing, speech, and drama. The student also gets instruction in geography, anthropology, archeology, and linguistics.

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