Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (U.S. History -Usborne)

U.S History through Children’s Literature is a unit study approach to history. With the help of readers like “Light in the Forest”, “I Sailed with Columbus”, “Phoebe the Spy”, and numerous other books, U.S History through Children’s Literature guides the student through history while also immersing them in history. This is a unit study program for 4th – 8th graders.

Uncle Eric Series teaches economics and political science by cleverly using models to illustrate points. According to Richard Maybury, author of the Uncle Eric Series, “Without good models, children have no way to know which facts are important and which are not. Students leave school thinking history is a senseless waste of time. Then, deprived of the real lessons of history, the student is vulnerable.” Titles include “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy”, “Bluestocking Guide: Economics”, “Whatever Happened to Justice”, “Are you Liberal, Conservative or Confused”, and many more.

Understanding writing by Susan Bradrick is a composition manual used to teach writing skills. This book is Christ centered as Mrs. Bradrick “emphasizes that we write always for the glory of God, and with a humble spirit of desiring to bless others.” This “no stress” approach to writing instruction takes only 20-30 minutes as day. The author recommends grammar handbooks to accompany this writing course.

Unforgettable Languages teaches foreign languages using the Linkword CD Rom method. “Linkword© taps into basic memory patterns to help you learn and remember up to 100 words per hour. Each CD course takes 10 – 12 hours.” The program promises, “You will rapidly learn and retain hundreds of words, basic grammar and sentence structure.” This program appears to be for mature learners. (upper highschool and above)

Usborne is a distributor of hundreds of books for young people. They are known for having “the books kids love to read” with titles ranging from ‘Your Baby Can Read” to “The Usborne Book of Dinosaurs” to “Computer Graphics and Animation”. Usborne books has every reading material a parent can imagine.

Usborne Book of World History is a very popular and effective Usborne book. This Useborne book deserves special mention because it can be used as a history curriculum guide to history.

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