Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (McRuffy-Morningstar)

Miquon Math

McRuffy Press Kindergarten Phonics & Reading is a reading curriculum that includes a teacher’s manual, two workbooks with 175 activities, 10 “first step readers, twenty McRuffy Readers, coloring book/readers and flash cards. This full reading curriculum includes spelling and handwriting.

MECS (Montessori Educational Software) Makes educational software and learning materials for Montessori based learning. Titles include reading, astronomy, geography, math, science, and more.

Mega-Words “series offers a systematic, multisensory approach to learning the longer words encountered from fourth grade on.” This series helps students to decipher and understand long words.

Midwest Christian Academy is a distance-learning program for homeschoolers. Services include a diagnostic testing that will fill any gaps a student has missed before moving forward.

Minimus is a comic book based primary Latin course. Minimus, and the follow up book, Minimus Secondus, takes the pain out of learning Latin. A beneficial side effect is that Minimus teaches a bit of History as well. “The course centers on a real family who lived at Vindolanda in 100AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lepidina, their three children, assorted household slaves, their cat Vibrissa – and Minimus the mouse! It features many of the artifacts and writing tablets from the Vindolanda excavations.”

Miquon Math is a program that “emphasizes mathematical patterns and relationships rather than pre-set formulas and methods.” With the help of Cuisenaire manipulative “and a unique graphic layout to help children discover mathematical patterns and relationships with just a bit of guidance from their teachers as necessary.”

Moody Science Classics is a series of biblically based videos that teach plant life, geology, and ecology. The videos use songs, science games and experiments.

Morningstar Academy is an online k-12 Christian homeschool program. Students can receive a high school diploma from the Morningstar Academy. With Morningstar Academy, students receive one on one online mentoring.

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