Homeschool Group Party in a Snap!

Homeschool groups are a great way for children to interact with each other. It is also a great way to plan “class” parties with more kids than siblings. My homeschool friends and I enjoy getting together for class parties. It’s fun for everyone involved and a nice break from the day to day routine. Planning a homeschool party does have to be headache. In fact, planning should be just as much fun as the party itself. Birthday in a Box makes coordinating your supplies and planning very easy.

Recently, I planned a tea party for my children and other homeschooling children. After wasting time going from store to store to find all the right supplies, I finally found myself in a party store. I had been avoiding that option since the one in town is rather expensive. When I arrived I not only found it to be expensive they lacked the quantities I needed to complete my party. Exhausted, I headed back home to see what bits and pieces I had to throw together a party. After seeing I had basically nothing but a package of forks and mismatched plates, I looked up to find my solution. Right there on my computer was an ad for Birthday in a Box.

Birthday in a Box, had the cutest tea party themed products. There is no need to worry about quantities or coordinating items since they provide everything from the plates to the party favors. You have the option of buying items separately or in three types of kits: Ultimate Party Kit, Deluxe Party Kit, and Standard Party Kit. The kits are designed for 8 guests and the prices are fantastic. One or two clicks of the mouse and you could be done with all the details of your party except food. The items are of high quality and durable. You also have the option of having certain items like banners and place mats personalized. That is such a nice touch! You can have bookmarks, luggage tags, magnets, stickers and more personalized. What a wonderful reminder of a fun time.

I can highly recommend Birthday in a Box for all your child party needs. They have so many different themes and options to choose from. You can plan a first birthday party to a Valentine’s Day party. If you have trouble planning the perfect party, no problem, just click on the party planning tab. This section will give you ideas for games, crafts, recipes, themes, cake decorating ideas, budget, planning a party under $100 and more. This is truly a one stop shop and you don’t even have to find your car keys. From now on this is my first and last stop when planning any children’s party. So instead of cringing at the thought of planning another homeschool party, I suggest them!

(Birthday in a Box graciously provided a party kit for me to test in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are my own and may or may not reflect those of the company.)

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