Homeschool Laws for the State of Delaware: Option 3

Homeschool Laws for the State of Delaware: Option 3

*Before I begin this article regarding homeschooling options for Delaware, I want to begin by stating that it is your responsibility to research the law for yourself. I am relaying the available and current information that is subject to change. I have provided many links that will enable you to view the current laws online and to help put you in touch with local area and organizational support groups. *

Delaware has three legal options for homeschooling. This article will focus on Option 3.

The compulsory age of school attendance is between the ages of 5 and 16. School may be delayed if it is in the best interest of the child and as long as there is previous school authorization.

The third option for homeschooling in the state of Delaware is to establish a single-family homeschool that is coordinated with the local school district. This is the education of children by their parents or legal guardian using a curriculum that has been approved by the Delaware’s Department of Education’s local superintendent.
The superintendent will then determine in writing that the student is provided with regular instruction in public school required subjects. The school will be in attendance for 180 days. Under this option there are no teacher certifications or qualifications required for parents or the legal guardian that will be performing the instruction. You will be required to submit an attendance report on or before July 31st of each year. You will also be required to submit an annual statement of enrollment before September 30th of each year. Both reports must be filed on the papers provided by the Department of Education.

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