Homeschool Q & A: Homeschooling for Senior Year in High School

I recently received the following question by email:

I am going to be a Senior in High School. I don’t want to go back to high school because I am having a bad experience and I have had enough. Both my parents work and I was wondering if someone else can homeschool me and if you know any websites that can help me find a person who homeschools.

Here are some other questions:

How many hours a day is homeschool?
How do I know what subjects I am going to take?
How long are my breaks (Christmas and Easter)?
Do I take gym class?
I heard the prices vary but is homeschooling expensive most of the time?
When does the year start (in August or September) and when does it end (May or June)?

Here is my answer:

As a senior, there is no reason you can’t homeschool yourself while your parents are working, if you are really dedicated to learning at home. New Jersey has very lenient homeschool laws, at most, your parents will have to send a letter saying you are being homeschooled, and write you a diploma at the end of the year.

There are many, many online homeschool programs available, that you can choose to use or not. You can hire a tutor for your hardest subjects.

As for your other questions:

How many hours a day is homeschool?
A senior should take about 6 hours a day of dedicated work.

How do I know what subject I am going to take?
As a senior you should be able to look at what you have already taken and what is left based on requirements to graduate, or requirements for a college that you want to go to. If you met with your guidance counselor this year and picked classes for next year then you already have an idea of what to take.

How long are my breaks (Christmas and Easter)?

As long as you want… My kids take almost a month off for Christmas and a week for Easter, but only take 1 month off in the summer.

Do I take gym class?

If you are involved in any physical extra curricular such as dance, vollyball, etc. It isn’t necessary. PLus if you already took 3 years of gym it isn’t necessary.

I heard the prices vary but is homeschooling expensive most of the time?
It depends on your personal needs, such as how much supervision you need and such. Books can also cost… but it starts at $500.00 for materials.

When does the year start/end.

That is also up to you. We never really stop… you are done when the work you mapped out for the year is finished.

Alternately, if your grades have been good, you can skip your senior year and enroll in some community college courses and have that count as your last year of high school.

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