Homeschool Questions: Homeschool Failures

I received some email questions last weekend from a student who is researching homeschooling. This student had some very good and informed questions, and so I thought I would present some of his questions here, with my answers. The first questions involve my decision to homeschool. Another question asked about criticism and support. Here are some of the other questions that were asked:

Have you met any parents/children/families who have failed/dropped out/given up at homeschooling?

I can’t say I have met any homeschooling failures. Homeschoolers who have homeschooled for even a short time and turned back to schools have at the very least gained a better understanding of their children. I do however know people who have put their children in school, or back in school.

If yes, what do you think contributed to it?

I know many parents who have put their kids in school for middle school or highschool. Some did it because they feel inadequate to handle the curriculum. Others did it because their children requested to go to public school. If my children, both now middle school age wished to go to “school”, I would not stop them.

What difference do you notice with your experience as opposed to theirs?

Both of my children are at a point in their education where they need to spread their wings, and where their academics are challenging, even for an adult. Instead of putting them back in school, or doing school online with teachers they cannot see or get to know, I have decided that my kids will take outside local classes for homeschoolers 2 days a week, and spend the rest of the week doing “homework”. For me, remaining creative has kept us homeschooling.

Are there any worries your children will lack the survival skills to succeed in mainstream society and the corporate world after homeschool?

No. If you knew my kids, you would not have to ask that. They are very outgoing, opinionated, demanding, and charming. They have plenty of survival skills already. Most other homeschoolers would say the same.

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