Homeschoolers Are Not Entitled to Free School Online

The Missouri Virtual School which many homeschoolers use to teach their kids for free is in danger of shutting down due to a lack of funding. Missouri Virtual Instruction, also called MoVIP has allowed many public school students as well as homeschoolers to take courses online for free. This allows struggling students to graduate on time, and allows homeschoolers access to the same education that public school children get.

In spite of repeated warnings for homeschoolers to not rely on public resources the word FREE is something that they cannot seem to turn away from. What we must realize is that what can be given can also be taken away, leaving you to scramble for a solution and ending up at a loss.

In this case, what was once free for homeschoolers suddenly comes with a large price tag. Misty and Stuart Arthur homeschool their children and each course adds up quickly… “Purchasing the program is not an option,” Misty said. “It’s very costly. It’s very much worth it but having seven children and purchasing it for the other kids is not a possibility.”

So should homeschoolers be upset about this? Do they even have a right? As someone who chose to educate my child on my own, outside of the traditional methods, I don’t feel that the state owes me any free services. Sure it’s nice if they give it freely, but if they can’t or won’t provide it, then I am responsible to pick up the slack.

In making this statement, I am not speaking of students who are homebound due to illness or injury and who still willingly fall under the public school status. In this case, the school district needs to find ways to continue to educate these kids at home.

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