Homeschooling Away from Home

It is summer. We are out of town at an event for my daughter. That does not mean that learning has to end. It just means that learning cannot be very structured. For us, this is a lesson in unschooling. It is alot like and extended field trip. We are allowing needs and opportunities to arise that will spur the opportunity investigate a subject.

There are several things you can do to keep education going while you are on the road. They are:

Travel with a laptop or computer/internet access. The quickest way to learn more about a place where you might be, or a subject that you stumble upon is to look it up on the internet. Sure you can read the plaque on a monument in a town square and get a brief synopsis about a person or event, but why not back that up with other facts, causes, effects, and other circumstances around what you have just learned.

Keep children involved in the planning and execution of particulars on the trip. Have them take a part in saving money for the trip by putting money in a change jar, and cutting out restaurant meals and unnecessary expenses before the trip.

Have them manage the map or GPS system. Make them your co-pilot and let them learn hands on how to navigate from place to place.

Have them calculate restaurant tips. Have them budget how much can be spent each day. Have them calculate how much is spent and decide when to stop making purchases for the day.

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