Homeschooling in Alabama: Option 1

Homeschooling in Alabama Option 1

Before I begin this blog regarding homeschooling options for Alabama, I want to begin by stating that it is your responsibility to research the law for yourself. I am relaying the available and current information that is subject to change. I have provided many links that will enable you to view the current laws online and to help put you in touch with local area and organizational support groups.

There are two homeschooling options for the state of Alabama. The first option is to establish or enroll in a church school and the second option is to use a private tutor. The compulsory school age for children in the state of Alabama is between the ages of 7-16. This blog post will take a look at Option 1.

Option 1

Establish and/or enroll in a church school. There are no attendance laws that apply to option one. Public schools however are required to teach 175 days, but again, this isn’t monitored with Option 1. There is also no required subject listing that must be kept. Teachers do not need to have any qualifications, but a notice of enrollment and attendance must be filed with the local superintendent, the superintendent will provide you with a form. The local superintendent does not require the notice of enrollment every year.

The principal or teacher will also be required to maintain a daily attendance register. Finally, there are no testing requirements for those enrolled in the church school.

Homeschooling parents have the flexibility, under Option 1, to choose a church school and enroll their children or to establish a church school and teach them at home. To find a listing of church schools that you may join, you can visit these resources.

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