Homeschooling in Arizona

Homeschooling in Arizona

*Before I begin this blog regarding homeschooling options for Alabama, I want to begin by stating that it is your responsibility to research the law for yourself. I am relaying the available and current information that is subject to change. I have provided many links that will enable you to view the current laws online and to help put you in touch with local area and organizational support groups. *

The compulsory school age for the state of Arizona is between the ages of 6 and 16. There is also the option to delay home learning until the age of eight as long as it is noted in an affidavit. Unlike many other states, Arizona offers only one option for establishing a legal homeschool environment. This is to setup, establish, and operate a home school. There are no attendance laws or requirements that must be met for the state of Arizona and parents are not required to have any qualifications to teach their children. The required subjects that must be taught are:

· Reading
· Grammar
· Math
· Social Studies
· Science

The affidavit of intent must be filed within 30 days of the home school year (this includes those who will be delaying instruction until the age of 8). There are no required records or logs to be kept throughout the school year. Additionally, there are no required tests that must be administered. It is also important to note that you will need to include a certified copy of your child’s birth certificate, and the intent should include your child or children’s names, date of birth, telephone numbers, and current addresses of the person who has custody of the child.

To review the Arizona law in full click here.
Arizona Analysis:HSLDA

It is very important that homeschooling families spend time together. This is a great way to prevent families from feeling isolated or as if they are the only homeschoolers around. Many times, families homeschool and they may live in areas that are semi isolated from other populated communities. By joining a homeschool support group, you can ensure that you will have plenty of other homeschooling contacts, as well as adult interaction with other homeschoolers. Here is the contact information for the AFHE group.

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