Homeschooling in California: Option 3

Homeschooling in California: Option 3

*Before I begin this article regarding homeschooling options for California, I want to begin by stating that it is your responsibility to research the law for yourself. I am relaying the available and current information that is subject to change. I have provided many links that will enable you to view the current laws online and to help put you in touch with local area and organizational support groups. *

Compulsory School Age
“between the ages of 6” by December 2 and “under 18 years of age”

There are four different options for legal homeschooling in California. This article will focus on Option 3, but I will give a brief overview of all four options.

· Option 1- The Home School qualifies and operates as a private school by filling out an annual private school affidavit.

· Option 2- The Home School has instruction provided by a certified private tutor

· Option 3- The child is enrolled in an independent study program at home and uses public school curriculum- the child is considered enrolled in public school and must follow public school rules and guidelines

· Option 4- The Home School is enrolled in a private school satellite program and takes independent study. The Independent Study program must comply with California Education Code 48222. Option 4 Private Satellite schools have grown and include several hundred families across the state of California.

Option 3

Option 3 allows California homeschoolers to attend public school at home. It will mean that your child is enrolled in the independent study program through the school. Therefore all attendance, subjects, teacher qualifications, etc. will be handled through the public school. You will enroll through the public school to attend the independent program. Testing requirements will be decided through the public school program as well. This option includes charter schools. You will be considered a teacher’s aide and your children will be considered public school attendees.

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