Homeschooling in Colorado: Option 1

Homeschooling in Colorado: Option 1

*Before I begin this article regarding homeschooling options for Colorado, I want to begin by stating that it is your responsibility to research the law for yourself. I am relaying the available and current information that is subject to change. I have provided many links that will enable you to view the current laws online and to help put you in touch with local area and organizational support groups. *

Compulsory School Age

The compulsory school age is between 7 and 16 years. Parents must also formally withdraw a six-year-old child if he or she has already attended public school. For more information regarding the Compulsory School Age visit here: Compulsory School Age Law

There are three options for homeschooling in Colorado. This article will focus on Option 1, but I will give a brief overview of all four options.

· Option 1- Establish and operate a home school. You must provide school at least 172 days each year and your school day must average at least four hours per day. Required teaching subjects include: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Math, History, Civics, Literature, and Science.

· Option 2- Enroll in a private school that allows home instruction

· Option 3- Use a Private Tutor

For detailed information regarding the Colorado Revised statutes visit here: However, the statutes basically state, that, “It is the primary right and obligation of the parent to choose the proper education and training for children under his care and supervision. It is recognized that home-based education is a legitimate alternative to classroom attendance for the instruction of children and that any regulation of non-public home-based educational programs should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate a variety of circumstances.

These statutes have opened the door and enabled many people to experience the freedom to homeschool in the state of Colorado. Under Option 1 you will establish and operate a home school. You will be required to teach for at least 172 days each year, averaging four hours per day. Required subjects for teaching are as stated above: Constitution of the United State, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Math, History, Civics, Literature, and Science. The parent does not need to have any special qualifications to teach as well.

To homeschool in Colorado under Option 1, you will be required to file a notice of intent with the local superintendent at least 14 days prior to beginning your homeschool, and you will also need to file the notice annually. You will also be required to maintain attendance records, test scores (standardized tests must be administered by a certified teacher during grades third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh)or an evaluation, and you will need to maintain immunization records.

It is important to note that a homeschool that is established under Option 1 is not classified as a private or non-profit school.

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