Homeschooling in Mississippi

This is not legal advice. As someone who lives in a state that is highly regulated, I cannot emphasize enough the need for you to advocate for yourself and make a point to know your state laws. While the school district will most likely provide you with a printed copy of the laws and regulations for home schooling, a local home schooling group can be a valuable asset when it comes to navigating your way through the system.

Mississippi seems to have very relaxed laws regarding home schooling. However, parents wishing to home school do need to comply with the following:

1. The parent or guardian of the children must file, by September 15th of each year, a “certificate of enrollment,” including names, addresses, and phone number of parents and the children. This certificate must also include a brief description of the type of education the children are receiving.

2. If you have your child in public school, the law specifically states that you can pull your child out and subsequently submit this certificate even though it is passed the September 15th deadline.

Interestingly, Mississippi state law also goes on to talk about how it is the parent’s fundamental right to educate their children at home and it expressly forbids the state from interfering as long as the children seem to be receiving an education.

Compulsory Age: Your child must be 6 on or before September 15 until your child reaches the age of 17 on or before September 15.

Required Number of Days: Public schools are in session for 180 days. However, “non-public schools” (which home schools fall under) can determine how many days are required for themselves.

Required Subjects: There are no required subjects.

There are no teacher qualifications nor are there any standardized testing requirements.



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