Homeschooling Multi-Aged Children: Museum Memberships

Have you considered becoming a member of your local children’s museum? We just did this weekend and wow: what a deal! That is why this installment of tips on home schooling multi-aged children is dedicated to museum memberships!

Most home schooling families take regular (or at least semi-regular) field trips. You take your children places and expose them to things that you think they should know, that coincide with their curriculum or even educational things you just think they’ll enjoy.

The next time you take your kids to a museum, consider these benefits that are common to many museums, zoos and gardens that offer memberships:

**Reciprocity to several other similar museums all over the United States. This is great for traveling or even just doing something different. It’s like buying a membership to several different places.

**Discounts in the museum store. My kids don’t think a trip to the museum is complete without at least a little window shopping in the museum store.

**Admission to special exhibits that are going on at the museum.

**Discounts on special workshops and educational opportunities that are not open to the public.

**Most places also offer special “members only” days, shorter waits in lines, and newsletters or magazines. Some even offer discounts on newsstand magazines like Family Fun or Disney Adventure.

On top of all this, if your family is. . .larger than average, like mine; a museum membership generally pays for itself in a few visits. Even if your family is smaller, a museum membership will likely pay for itself over the course of the year!

My children have not only gotten to visit a lot of really great places all over New York City, but they’ve also gotten to spend time learning from the experts that work at those museums. Plus, going out on field trips to different venues, allows me to provide simultaneous activities (via the museum) to all my children at the same time. Anything that makes my job easier as a home schooling mom gets my vote! So, take some time to check out some places that are near you and see if you can use a museum membership to augment your home school curriculum!

If you’re not sure where to start looking, try these resources:

Go City Kids
Association of Children’s Museums
Association of Science Museums