Homesteading Skills to Learn Now

chicken There is currently a movement toward homesteading, in which families go back to learning and practicing the practical skills that our ancestors knew. Cultivating certain homesteading skills can be very valuable, because they can prepare you and your family for living in less modern times, should an emergency or disaster strike.

Why not try your hand at learning one or two of the following homesteading skills in the coming year?


Learning basic gardening is an important skill to have. Through it, you can grow some of your own food, an important resource if you find that food become too scarce or expensive. Even those who are in a small space, such as a city apartment, can learn to garden. There is container gardening, in which plants are grown in containers, either inside or out, and community gardening, in which a space–such a a rooftop or vacant lot–it gardened together by members of a community.


Sewing is a valuable skill to know. Being able to supply your own clothing, linen and other items may come in hand. You may need to sew a shelter, as well, if there is a long-term disaster.

You should cultivate both machine sewing and hand sewing.


Husbandry is the raising and care of livestock. Knowing how to raise animals can help you and your family in a number of ways. Animals can provide food as well as raw materials for everything from clothing to shelter. Consider starting with an easy animal to raise, such as chickens or rabbits. Make sure, of course, that farm animals are allowed where you live.

Preparing Food

If you are used to eating out a lot or cooking with a lot of convenience food, you might want to consider honing your food preparation skills. Being able to take a food in its raw state and make a meal out of it can mean the difference between eating and going hungry. Learn different methods of cooking, how to clean and cut poultry and how to prepare raw food.

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