Homosexual Agenda Being Promoted In Schools

I personally feel that homosexuality is wrong. I do not hate those that are involved in it. But I do not feel that my children or I should be required to respect and appreciate it. Tolerate it maybe. Yet many lawmakers around the country are promoting homosexual agendas in our schools.

A recent bill was passed in California that prohibits “teachers, textbooks, instructional materials and all school-sponsored activities (sports, the prom, etc.) from reflecting adversely upon homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals.”

Karen England a member of Capital Resource Institute, which promotes laws that preserve family values, comments on the broadness of the law saying, “As it is written, SB 1437 could very well prohibit a teacher making remarks in favor of traditional marriage because that ‘reflects adversely’ on homosexuals. It could also ban textbooks that illustrate only families with moms and dads instead of two moms or two dads.”

Currently the California Teachers Association is supporting a bill that would require that history textbooks be rewritten to “include and highlight homosexual and transsexual historical figures.” Saying that, “Curriculum should address the common values of the society; promote respect for diversity and cooperation; and prepare the learner to compete in, and cope with a complex and rapidly evolving society.”

So according to the CTA homosexuality is a “common value” of society. When in fact most of the country does not embrace the practice. As far as I’m concerned if those people they want to add did not contribute enough to be in the textbook in the first place then they shouldn’t be added just because of their gender preference. Likewise if a homosexual person did achieve something worthy of the textbooks then they should be added because of their achievement not because of the their gender orientation. The focus should be on achievement not sexual preference. Family organizations are currently working to stop the passing of SB 1437.

How about your preschooler receiving information about homosexuals in school or at daycare? The Together Project is trying to do just that. They are promoting a free workshop titled “Teaching Tolerance through Multicultural Literature.” The workshop presents information to teachers about how to “promote tolerance of homosexuality in the pre-school environment.” The producers feel that “teaching tolerance outright in the curriculum is as fundamental and as far-reaching as teaching children how to read.”

So now it is as important for my children to embrace homosexuality as it is for them to learn to read? That’s exactly what homosexual activists believe. Karen England of CRI says, “They believe that education should be shoved aside because indoctrination is more important. They believe that children must be taught to agree with their agenda, regardless of what their parents say or religious beliefs dictate.”

The School Board of Provincetown Massachusetts obviously agrees with the gay agenda since they decided that preschoolers in their district need to be taught about homosexual lifestyles. They are also promoting hiring preferences for “sexual minorities.”

Then there is the San Diego Cooperative Charter School that permitted elementary school children to march in a Gay Pride parade under a school banner. The school allowed children to march in a demonstration where convicted pedophiles were employed as volunteers and staff supervisors. As the children marched they were accompanied by “nearly nude men and women in graphic sexualized demonstrations, a man in a g-string passing out goodies, and a car filled with men advertising for RentBoy, a male escort service.” Where were those children’s parents?

The city of New York just opened a public high school that is only for homosexuals. Isn’t this a blatant act of discrimination against those who aren’t homosexual? How can a city that is facing a financial crisis justify spending $3.2 million on a school for about 100 students? Michael Long, chairman of the New York Conservative Party asks, “What are the criteria for being a teacher or a principal? Do they have to be gay? Will straight students be allowed to enroll if they live across the street? Do the students go on to all-gay colleges and work environments because they are harassed?” The answer is simple the city is feeling pressure from pro-homosexual groups and government officials.

The center of our country is also dealing with gay agendas in schools. In Minnesota a students was suspended for wearing a sweatshirt that said, “Straight Pride” on the front and featured a man and woman holding hands on the back. Unbeknownst to parents and the PTA the school also had 50 classrooms featuring pink flags that meant the classroom was a “safe” zone where students could talk to a teacher about their sexuality and get a referral to a pro-homosexual counselor outside of the school. After the case about the sweatshirt school officials agreed to modify the triangles and “add symbols for racial and religious equality as well as equality for those with disabilities.”

I find it appalling that homosexuality is being so blatantly forced upon America’s children, my children. That teaching about gay rights is as important as teaching students to read. What happened to teaching family values? What happened to the values that our country was founded upon.?

How do you feel about the gay agenda in American schools?

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