Honoring Fathers

As Father’s Day is approaching it gives me the chance to reflect on the important role that fathers play in each of our lives. I like to think back to the scriptures and see the role models that fathers have to look to. I think of Alma the Elder and Alma the Younger and how they each reached out to children who had gone astray. You can see the great love they had for their sons. We should also remember the love our Heavenly Father has for us.

In the church, fathers have a sacred responsibility as priesthood holders in their families. Fathers are the guide and the anchor for the family. My own father has always been someone that I can turn to when I am in need of advice. I have also always appreciated the father’s blessings I was able to receive while growing up. My father is a quiet person, and rather shy. It is through the quiet times that I’ve grown to know him.

My husband is also an excellent father. He relates to our children and has lots of fun with them. He is great about encouraging them to become all that they can. I know that he was nervous when he first became a father. He didn’t sleep for a week because he was afraid that our daughter would just stop breathing. He quickly realized that she would be okay.

There are situations, due to death or divorce, where you may have grown up without really knowing your father. I have a friend whose home teacher helped to fill some of the roles of a father. On Father’s Day we should honor our fathers, but we should also honor any man that helped us to grow in a positive way. What are some find memories you have of your father or someone who helped you?