How a Road Trip Can Save You Money… and Your Relationship


Newsflash: A road trip with your spouse can help you save money on couples’ counseling… and potentially an expensive divorce.

Despite what you saw when Oprah and Gayle did it, a new study finds that extended periods of time in a car with a friend or significant other can be good for your relationship.

YourTango and Ford Motor Company just released the results of a poll that queried more than 1,000 people who had driven long distances with a spouse or significant other. According to the poll, 84 percent said that the road trip experience strengthened their relationship.

The bulk of those respondents revealed that traveling in the same vehicle together with a loved one presented an opportunity for “quality time” in a variety of ways. For example, 63 percent of those polled agreed or strongly agreed they are affectionate with their partner while driving (e.g. holding hands or sharing a kiss at a red light). Meanwhile, 57 percent say driving is a good time to discuss important or pressing issues with their spouse or partner.

When asked what other ways they enjoy passing time in the car with their beloved, most respondents listed singing along to the radio, napping, reading, checking e-mail on a phone or tablet and listening to audio books together.

Another interesting statistic, according to the poll, 68 percent of respondents describe their road trips as “fun-filled” or “relaxing”; while 16 percent describe them as “adventurous.” A fifth of those polled said their road trips are “boring” or “tension-filled.”

Finally, my favorite find uncovered by the YourTango/Ford travel poll has to do with the long-standing argument about directions. After all, men and women don’t typically see eye-to-eye when it comes to asking for help when they are lost. According to the poll, it seems GPS navigation systems have not improved all couples’ driving relationships, with just 34 percent of respondents reporting that the addition of a GPS device has eliminated disagreements about directions.

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